CASA of Cook County Associate Board Member Application
Thank you for your interest in the Associate Board for CASA of Cook County (CASA). The Associate Board members increase awareness and generate additional support for CASA, assist with fundraising efforts, cultivate new individual donors and corporate support, help promote CASA’s goal of building an abundant staff of caring and dedicated volunteers so that every child in need has representation, and become an important part of CASA’s Board of Directors pipeline.
Thanks for your interest in joining.

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How did you hear about the CASA Associate Board?

Have you ever been convicted of or have charges pending for a felony or misdemeanor? *

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Are you or have you ever been a CASA Advocate?  

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Please describe your involvement in and contribution to community initiatives within your company/firm and/or in the broader community. How have these activities been mutually beneficial to you and the organizations you’ve worked with? *

What initiatives or ideas could you contribute to the board’s fundraising and awareness strategies? *

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CASA of Cook County Associate Board Membership Commitments:     *

Per the Associate Board Bylaws, the commitment for an Associate Board General member is as follows:   
1.     Members commit 12 months to the Associate Board. 
2.     Attend at least half (3) of the bi-monthly Associate Board meetings.
3.     Attend at least half (3) of the bi-monthly meeting for your chosen committee.
4 .    Respond to occasional emails during the week

Total commitment is 5-10 hours per month

We'll review your applications and email you to continue the process.

Next steps :
1.    Meet with one member of the Membership Committee and one member of the Executive Committee of the Associate Board.
2.    Attend at least one CASA event, including fundraisers and volunteer events. Attending a recruitment event fulfills this requirement.
3.     Complete a background check (Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System and Law Enforcement Agency Data System).

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